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Mobile, friendly and colourful, our range of furniture brings your indoor and outdoor spaces to life. Deriving from the curved and light aesthetics inspired by our Artistic Director, the designer Margaux Keller, our furniture aims to create a bridge between inside and outside, between designer design and accessible comfort, dream and everyday life…

Infinitely modular, the Bibelo universe can be adapted to your requirements thanks to its tailor-made offer, allowing you to dress places as singular as they are ambitious. Adopting our furniture means becoming attached to it!


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by Margaux Keller


by Ferréol Babin


We find bold creators and invite them to share our world. From this encounter emerge endearing and universal objects.

Margaux Keller

Ferréol Babin

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11 rue du Chateau
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lumi inter li design

91 rue Lamouly
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Architruc et Baltaz'art

5 rue Montmorency
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The conrad shop SA

117 Rue du bac
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130 chemin du point blanc
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Griin Aubagne

Avenue de la Baumonne
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80 Avenue du Prado
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Le magasin dore

2-4 rue du bien heureux Pierre-René Rogue
56 000 Vannes

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33 100 Bordeaux


609 Avenue de la Mer-Raymond Dugrand
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