quality & ethics


Our Ethics

We at Bibelo strive to further ethical commerce. Our team has gone to visit the PSE Institute (Pour un Sourire d’Enfant) in Cambodia. Founded 20 years ago, this NGO, which has been awarded the human rights prize, provides professional training courses.

Certificates from their school are officially recognized by the minister of labor and training. Together, we provide young certificate-holders with a better future.

Bibelo support PSE Institute

Our Workshops

Encouraged by their success story, we decided to set up our own workshops in Cambodia. We provide our employees with a workplace that respects their rights, gives them social protections, and pays them a fair wage.

We also ensure our technicians receive proper training. They frequently take specialized courses in ironworking and cabinetmaking and rigorously respect every stage of production.


But we want to do more. For every sale, 5 euros will be donated to the PSE Institute.

Because at Bibelo, we believe that supporting communities is vital!

Behind the scenes at our Workshops