by Margaux Keller

amaryllis collection

Discover amaryllis, a new collection at Bibelo combining wood and metal in a design inspired by butterflies. Create your favorite two-toned, dual material version.

Inspiration Behind amaryllis
Margaux Keller

Margaux Keller

After studying design for five years at the ENSAAMA (Olivier de Serres), then at the Ecole Boulle, Margaux Keller went on to work with the Philippe Starck agency under Eugeni Quittlet.

amaryllis is a furniture collection inspired by butterflies. At their core, these pieces are designed with lightness, functionality, and poetry in mind. The subtle design, interplay of colors, and combination of wood and metal make this a unique and timeless collection that harmonizes perfectly with any interior style.

Each model is designed for modern functionality. The collection comes in several unusual pastels, which reveal the personality of each piece: cotton candy, Venetian sky, Paris cobblestone, and first snow.

amaryllis: making of